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Prekės ženklas: ELADY Model: E-15810
Dried berries Honey berries or liqueurs in China and Tibet have been eaten for over 5000 years. According to taste, they are slightly reminiscent of cherry and cranberry mix, but they have their own unique sweet-sour, juicy taste. Take one minute berry worth a day. Can be used in cocktails, adding b...
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Prekės ženklas: ELADY Model: E-15811
Here are the seeds Here the seeds are obtained in South America. It is a high-quality protein source. Protein helps maintain bone health and maintain muscle mass. Take about 20 g of seed here with fruits, berries or cocktails! Seeds should not be cooked before use, but it is recommended that they be...
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Prekės ženklas: ELADY Model: E-16124
Crumbled cocoa beans are obtained from cocoa beans by crushing them. They have an exceptionally fierce chocolate flavor. Eating: Use cocoa beans to make chocolate and dessert, or with fresh and dried fruits. Nutrition value per 100 g of product: Energy value: 464kcal / 1967kJ Fat 43.0g including: sa...
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