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Prekės ženklas: Stalgast Model: L477201
Termo indas vynui 1.9 l...
Be PVM: 14.00€
with VAT (21%):  16.94€
Prekės ženklas: Stalgast Model: L479200
Kibiras ledui 2 litrai...
Be PVM: 35.00€
with VAT (21%):  42.35€
Prekės ženklas: HENDI Model: N877883
Insulated ice container 110 L. Ideal to transport ice cubes or flakes over long distances. Robust polyethylene housing resistant to shocks and impact. Thick foam insulation to keep ice temperature as long as possible. Inner walls resistant to scratches and stains. Sliding, sealed lid allowing e...
Be PVM: 872.00€
with VAT (21%):  1,055.12€
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